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Jesse Willms, owner of Swipe Auctions, has definitely made his dreams come true through slick Internet marketing web sites.  Products ranging from diet aids to colon cleansers have made Jesse Willms a very wealthy man at a tender age of 23. However, has Jesse’s Internet marketing practices caused nightmares with consumers, celebrities, charities and major corporations? Let us explore the facts and use credible sources to back up our discourse. To do this, we need to look at all of Jesse Willms’ companies so that we can link his pattern of Internet marketing behavior.

Jesse Willms and JDW Media

FACT: According to the Better Business Bureau, Jesse Willms owns JDW Media. If you look on the Better Business Bureau Web site, you will see numerous web site names to his credit. The Better Business Bureau has awarded Jesse Willms’ JDW Media an F rating. This is the lowest possible rating given by the Better Business Bureau.
 FACT: Jesse Willms’ JDW Media has been involved with various legal battles, namely:
1.       Jesse Willms’ JDW Media versus Oprah Winfrey’s company Harpo Productions. According to the CBC, Jesse Willms’ JDW Media used Dr. Oz’s name without consent to sell products.
2.       Jesse Willms’ JDW Media versus Microsoft and Symantec. According to the CTV, Jesse Willms’ JDW Media settled these law suits. The claims by both well-respected corporations claim Jesse Willms’ JDW Media sold software without consent. The CTV writes, “The lawsuits against Willms and his companies have ranged from copyright infringement to software counterfeiting, to false product endorsement.” 
FACT: According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Jesse Willms’ JDW Media is suspected of using the Australia Pink Ribbon Cancer logo without consent. The article states,” AUSTRALIA’S most successful cause-related marketing campaign, the Pink Ribbon, is the victim of an online scam that is using the charity’s distinctive logo to wrest money from unwitting consumers. . . The charity believes the company behind the scam may be related to a Canadian company, JDW Media LLC. . .”

Jesse Willms and Just Think Media

FACT: According to the Better Business Bureau, Jesse Willms also owns Just Think Media. The Better Business Bureau again files multiple web site addresses. Jesse Willms’ Just Think Media has been awarded an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. This again is the lowest rating possible.
FACT: Just Think Media has one prominent law suit with Dazzlesmile. The court documents claim Jesse Willms’ Just Think Media and others alleged have committed “fraud, unfair and deceptive marketing practices, racketeering” and many other claims.

Jesse Willms and his companies in the News

Jesse Willms’ Internet Marketing practices have been the center of attention with the News Media lately. Here are some examples:
1.       Jesse Willms and his Internet practices were a full W5 story. W5, a Canadian Television Network, has an in-depth video on Willms and his practices here. You can also view another CTV article here.
2.       ABC 20/20 has done a spread on Willms (among others) as well. You can view it here.
3.       If you look on the Internet, you will find numerous stories pertaining to JDW Media, Just Think Media and Willms.

Jesse Willms and Swipe Auctions

Jesse Willms latest venture called Swipe Auctions is also being met with controversy. CNN has done a story on Swipe Auctions questioning its pricing methods. Also, if you search sites like, complaintsboard, ripoffreport, pennyauctionview and others you will most likely see a pattern of anger, resentment and a feeling of being cheated by consumers. I have seen replies from swipe auctions representatives offering support and some consumers claimed they received assistance. However, the sheer number of complaints alone is cause for concern.
We have seen various Swipe Auctions Reviews you may wish to look at to get a picture of whether this site follows Jesse’s other companies themes of operations. They are located here, here, here, here .
Look at the facts and you decide. Is Jesse Willms a wonderful Internet marketer who balances his desire to profit with helping others?

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